Lirik Lagu Just Around The Eyes – Faith Hill

Just Around The Eyes
That’s Where You Remind Me
Of Someone I Left Behind Me
I’m Sorry If I Stare
But You Must Have Stirred A Memory
And It Caught Me By Surprise
But It Was Only For A Moment
And Just Around The Eyes

Something In Your Touch
Took Me Back A Long Way
And Made Me Say The Wrong Name
I Wish I Could Explain
But If I Had To Tell You
Where A Small Resemblance Lies
It’s Something In Your Touch And Just Around The Eyes

I’m Over Him Completely
I Rarely Think About Him At All
So When I Look At You
Tell Me What I Should Do
With The Little Bit Of Him That I Saw

Only When You Smiled
You Could Have Bowled Me Over
A Memory Out Of Nowhere
That Came And Went So Fast
Don’t Tell Me I Still Love Him That Has To Be A Lie
It’s Just Something In Your Touch
And Only When You Smile And Only For A Moment
Just Around The Eyes