Lirik Lagu Let’s Fall In Love Again – Seiko Matsuda

I remember how it was when we started
It was so easy falling for you
Every night was heaven when our love was new
I remember you were so open hearted
Your feelings were so easy to see
It was heaven when you gave yourself to me

But time goes by-And emotions fly
We slipped away
Let’s try to find what we left behind
Show me you really want me

*Let’s fall in love again
Let’s put our hearts together
Let’s fall in love again
Turn tonight into forever
Let’s fall in love again
Maybe it’s now or never
Let’s fall in love again- It just doesn’t get any better

I don’t ever want to lose what we had
Cause it’s everything I want it to be
When you hold me I know what you mean to me
Let’s get close and forget about the world
And everything we’re trying to do
Cause when we kiss I believe in me and you

A little spark between our hearts
That’s all we need
A little touch can mean so much
It tells me you really want me


It just keeps getting stronger and sweeter every day
We keep going deeper in every way

Let’s fall in love again-Let’s put our hearts together