Lirik Lagu Liquid Dreams – O-Town

Posters of love surrounding me
I’m lost in a world of fantasy
Every night she comes to me
And gives me all the love I need

  • Now this hot girl, she’s not your average girl
    She’s a morpharotic dream from a magazine
    And she’s so fine, designed to blow your mind
    She’s a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen

** I dream about a girl who’s a mix of Destiny’s Child
Just little touch of Madonna’s wild style
With Janet Jackson’s smile
Throw in a body like Jennifer’s
You’ve got the star of my liquid dreams
My liquid dreams

Angelina Jolie’s lips to kiss in the dark
Underneath Cindy C’s beauty mark
When it comes to the test, well, Tyra’s the best
And Salma Hayek brings the rest

[Repeat * , **]

Looks ain’t everthing
She’s got the sweetest personality
Like Halle B (Halle B)

My mama thinks I’m lazy
My friends all think I’m crazy
But in my mind
I leave the world behind

Every night I dream
Liquid dreams
My liquid dreams
Waterfalls and streams
These liquid dreams

[Repeat ** , ** , **]