Lirik Lagu (Thinking Of You) I Drive Myself Crazy – N’Sync

Lying in your arms
So close together
Didn’t know just what I had
Now I toss and turn
‘Cause I’m without you
Now I’m missing you so bad

Where was my head?
Where was my heart?
Now I cry alone in the dark

  • I lie awake, I drive myself crazy
    Drive myself crazy thinking of you
    Made a mistake when I let you go baby
    I drive myself crazy wanting you the way that I do
    (Wanting you the way that I do)

I was such a fool
I couldn’t see it
Just how good you were to me
You confessed your love, undying devotion
I confessed my need to be free
And now I’m left with all this pain
I’ve only got myself to blame

[Repeat *]

Why didn’t I know it?
(How much I love you baby)
Why couldn’t I show it?
(If I had only known)
When I had the chance
Oh, I had the chance

[Repeat *]